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'Thee Backslacpkping With Media' Notification of Appropriation [] by %20

Notification of Appropriation

Material : Forum Posts

This e-mail is to make whom ever it may concern aware that posts to '' has been reconfigured and reincorporated into 'Thee Backslacpkping With Media' audio commentary track.

'Thee Backslacpkping With Media' is a Proof of Concept documediamentary (video archeological study), imagining a system which could search through online repositories of media and return a program of desired length on the user's topic of choice, utilizing snippets which fit the search requirements. tBSWM takes 40+ hours of media (700+ sources created by corporations, news organizations, individuals, bootleggers) from just around the release of the last Star Wars movie and condensed/recompiled that material into chapters on the underlying societal themes and memes of the 'Revenge of the Sith' coverage.

FAQ for 'Thee Backslacpkping With Media'

Second audio commentary track reused post info mentioned here:

If curious, Chapter Segments can be viewed here:

Don't take my word for it, here's an paragraph from an early review:

[i]"As you probably have guessed, this is not your typical fanedit. It's a documentary about Star Wars, yet that is not its mission. It's a mashup yet its goal is not necessarely the entertainment value usually associated with such edits. The best way I could describe this thing is that it's a commentary on the current state of the media. No wait - it's a mockumentary on the way we perceive media. No, that's not exactly it. It's an extrapolation on how media will be fed to us somewhere down the line in 20, 30 years. Actually, it is all these things."[/url]


If you have any questions, concerns or appreciation don't hesitate to return contact or let others know.

Thanks for the media.


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Oh what? I speak deranged lunatic but, this is not a code used by the rebellion.

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6 hits out of 43 views leading to one questionative individual. Don't tell me the odds. I thank anyone who steps up. So thanks TroyObliX.

The FAQ shows my ability to cohesively argue or ramble like the lunatic. But the essence of 'Thee Backslacpkping With Media' is a video mixtape, all SW for 3hr 26min 18sec. A DVD downloadable/viewable from the FAQ and elsewhere. Maybe once someone gets a taste, they'll post something to help out the rest.

Otherwise, here's some more words to consider after/before watching some:

%20 and :F:L:I:M:S:I:P:L:A:S:T: :D:A:T:A:B:A:S:E: have no loyalty or affiliation with the Jed-Die, Imp-Ire, ReBe_Lion or eTc.

This project is a variety of things, some i've set (which becomes apparent) and some things i didn't set (which you might perceive to exist).

The entire presentation is compiled from media which was broadcast in the months just around the release of RotS. With 2010 being the 5th anniversary of the release of RotS, this documediamentary is being released so that people can reflect on those times.

'Thee Backslacpkping With Media' is a direct response to three significant events from that time which received different amounts of coverage.

1. The FBI/ICE take down of Elite Torrents because of the RotS workprint leak.
2. The Cease and Desisting by Lucasfilm of the RotS l33t subtitled Trailer
3. backstroke of the west

With that in mind, (explanations in the FAQ) one of the goals of this project is to reaffirm the valid and positive societal impact willful copyright infringement can provide. The larger goal of this project is to convince someone that a system should be implemented to allow anyone as easy as they textually search now, to be able to media search in the near future. But that's just %20's flight of fancy.

But back to the Star Wars.

This presentation is about the love of people discussing Star Wars and all the tangents they investigate as they get deeper into their thoughts on the subject.

When watching the media which came out at that time, %20 was surprised by some of the societal themes and memes which came up. For instance, sure many people expressed their opinion of Jar-Jar (there's a chapter on that), but what caused a lot of people to drop drug and alcohol references into their Star Wars discussions? and not just anyone, but people way up the influence scale like Rick Phuckin' McCallum. (and why if he's spouting these things does the whole SW subculture sorta enveloped by this pure everything must be childsafe atmosphere) Who knew there was gay bashing Star Wars fan films? Who knew the GNAA had influence over Star Wars fans? Now these last two tidbits are examples of minutia in the overall cultural awareness. But they influence just as expediently as the storylines which suffer from massive quantity of opinions.

This weeks chapter is dedicated to the opening 5 seconds of Star Wars.

You've got to watch the DVD if you'd like to know.

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%20 wrote:
6 hits out of 43 views leading to one questionative individual.

That's because we can't figure out what the fuck you are talking about.


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[download] Thee_Backslacpkping_With_Media FAQ.htm

"%20" I received your email and thanks for posting this thread.

Thee Backslacpkping With Media is a documentary-style video collage of the events leading up to the release of Revenge Of The Sith done in the style of the Chinese bootleg of said film Backstroke Of The West. Speaking of site hits, last summer after receiving hits from, I downloaded a DVDRip and planed to upload it. Unfortunately I lost the file during a external hard drive crash.

My only issue with the film is not enough was in it. Seriously we were "thee" go to site.

MF Spoiler History Timeline

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The link darthpsychotic posted has the overall video presentation. What it lacks is the audio commentary track, and other additional features, like multiple subtitles, trailer, etc. Which is why I recommend downloading the full DVD. Which can be done from the FAQ: (follow the 'Download DVD Option - Web')

The DVD is dual layer. The .ISO which is available has been split into 155 RARs. (let me know if you need assistance)

There's at least one direct reference. Can't remember where it is, maybe that'll be the game for next few days.

Individual chapters can be watched directly from the FAQ: (online streamable, download Mp4, download Ogv)

The presentation uses media recorded between the two months before till two months after the RotS release. Everything has been cut up and recompiled to tell a larger story.


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Sith Sith Sith Sith Sith Sith

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The person who makes the direct reference, anyone know who he is? (i'll send a DVD to whom ever finds it) Recognize anybody else?

Got any other details in relation to the storylines which could be interesting to know about? Notice any weird detail which could be an interesting factoid?

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Sorry to use you all as beta-testers, i'm trying to create a new webpage which is easier to digest. The following link should make everything clearer:

***New Simpler Website***

Let me know if this is helpful.

ETAndElliot4Ever, i see you've gotten to one of the 'Sith' heavy chapters. How much were you able to view before [explain]. Generally people have chosen to watch this in chunks, a chapter or two at a time.

darthpsychotic, the version you got last summer, was that the demonoid torrent? I had tracked all the IP addresses from that torrent and offered a free physical copy to anyone who let me know, but no one did... oh well.


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%20 wrote:
The person who makes the direct reference, anyone know who he is? (i'll send a DVD to whom ever finds it) Recognize anybody else?

Found it.

It's in Chapter 42, "Generational Fan Bases." The conversation which includes the various references to comes in at about the 1:50 mark.

I remember when this pretty funny video showed up online. I believe the guys in the video also mention being angry at a particular moderator from the :gb2tfn: messageboards for occasionally closing their threads.

Again, anyone know who these guys are?

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The_Somnambulist found the reference and should have the disc.

Attention is hard to come by with the plethora of SW medias (PvsG, SWUncut, RLM) out there, so thanks to whom ever paid attention.

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