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Post Posted: December 11th 2004 4:46 am

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Good spot Garth. That looks ike an awesome image.

Post Posted: December 11th 2004 5:24 am
secret (also I'm a girl)
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I wanted to make same post like you, MasterJedi :)
Spoileriffic, please show us bigger version!

Post Posted: December 11th 2004 10:33 am

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Post Posted: December 11th 2004 12:06 pm
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MasterJedi wrote:
On your homepage there is an image of Dooku's duel but the size is too small


Nice pics, just wondering...why does the MF site have a pic that isn't included in spoileriffics post?

Post Posted: December 11th 2004 4:24 pm

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is this what all you guys want? or is it a different neverbefore seen pic?


Post Posted: December 11th 2004 4:28 pm
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No one is gonna be banned for posting in this thread.
Yes it was split from the IMAGE(S): Dooku - whatever thread.

Everything will be revealed don't worry. Last night I was really gone :weed:

Post Posted: December 11th 2004 9:13 pm
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GarthSchmader wrote:
That's just the thing...we don't know what you've got. I'm thinking from your "everything will be revealed" comment that you've probably got apic of the headless I right?

I haven't seen a headless Dooku pic and I have no idea if anyone even has one.

This isn't aimed at anyone specifically but I think it's the height of rudeness to register here to ask for other pics, higher res versions or whatever. It's like asking your Grandma for more money than she gives in your birthday card each year. If spoileriffic has more pics (and honestly, I have no clue if he does or doesn't but judging by the 3rd pic on the front page I guess there's a larger version of it we'll put up shortly) he'll decide when they go out to the public. So c'mon, give the guy a break and stop squabbling for more like a pack of hungry seagulls.

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