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This is THE story I'd want told, above all others in the GFFA.

I never thought an "Obi-Wan in the desert with much regret" movie would be commercially viable. However, a limited event series would be perfect for this particular story. The nature of the story is quieter, more of a character study, and an 8-episode run on a streaming service would be a perfect fit.

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Well, the reliable trades are now reporting on this, which means "it's happening".

1. Deadline - ... 202669319/

2. The Hollywood Reporter - ... ey-1201364

3. Variety - ... 04387/amp/

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I'm curious to see who will be involved on the scripts and the nature of the storylines.

Did Lucas layout Kenobi's full backstory for Disney? If so, will the show flesh-out or flashback to various points in the character's life? Could we get Yoda and youngling Obi-wan arcs as well as live action Clone Wars era stories (with cameos by Hayden Christensen)?

So much potential fun to be had.

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The one storyline I would rather see as a standalone film. R1 or Solo could have worked as episodic series but how much action did Obi-Wan have on Tatooine?

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Enough to conceive Rey ...?

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