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Okay here is my complete intended edition for Attack Of The Clones. Unfortunately not too much new music was with The Force Unleashed rips for Attack Of The Clones. To give you an idea of what cues were expanded, we now have a good portion of the real "The Ambush On Coruscant", half of "Captured", most of "The Jedi Archives" and a couple of other small cues. Of course for the rest of the unreleased music I used rear channel DVD rips from the film, so unfortunately you'll end up hearing sfx and voices in quite a few of the cues.

Just like with The Phantom Menace set, cues do run into each other so as usual be sure to have "gapless playback" selected in iTunes. Or if you're planning on burning them as audio CD's to have "no gaps between tracks" selected. For all my Star Wars scores I've made the cues separate but run into each other like how you would hear in the films themselves.

Also I'm not sure why but the unreleased music for Attack Of The Clones with The Force Unreleased rips had some distortion with them, so don't be alarmed if you hear that with some cues, especially "The Ambush On Coruscant".

Anyways, all files are in flac format, enjoy! Revenge Of The Sith will be posted next once I upload it and there's more to tell about that one.

Disc One Part One

Disc One Part Two

Disc Two Part One

Disc Two Part Two


01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (0:23)
02. Star Wars Main Title (1:24)
03. The Ambush On Coruscant (2:25)
04. The Council's Confer (2:23)
05. Old Friends (1:37)
06. Night Shift Begins (0:53)
07. Zam The Assassin (3:55)
08. The Chase Through Coruscant (10:11)*
09. The Greatest Of All Jedi (1:39)
10. Into Hiding (2:39)
11. Departing Coruscant (1:43)
12. The Jedi Archives (1:17)*
13. Yoda and The Younglins (3:46)
14. Theed Royal Council (2:19)
15. Arrival At Kamino (1:44)*
16. Army Of The Republic (0:34)
17. A Forbidden Kiss (1:57)*
18. Inspecting The Army (1:45)
19. The Meadow Picnic (2:24)
20. Interview With Jango (2:45)
21. Anakin and Padmé (3:46)*
22. Mystery Of The Clones (2:51)
23. Jango's Escape (3:48)
24. A Visit With Wattoo (0:53)


01. Bounty Hunter's Pursuit (2:19)
02. Return To Tatooine (4:06)*
03. Spying On The Seperatists (2:41)
04. The Tusken Camp (5:43)
05. The Darkside Takes Root (2:22)
06. Shmi's Funeral (3:40)
07. This Is A Crisis (0:56)
08. New Authority (1:46)
09. On The Conveyor Belt (3:02)*
10. Captured (0:37)*
11. Love Pledge (1:51)
12. The Arena (5:14)*
13. Going After Dooku (2:13)*
14. Confrontation With Count Dooku (2:27)
15. Yoda Strikes Back (2:16)
16. Down Jedi (0:44)
17. Finale (5:08)*
18. End Credits (6:01)
19. Across The Stars (Concert Version) (5:31)
20. Dex's Diner (Source) (0:29)


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Looks awesome - I intend to download as soon as I get back to my own comp (just checked the post date, guess I am two years late...I haven't been here in quite some time). Thanks for putting this together.

I intend to re-edit AOTC - the film - for my own use, something I've long wanted to do but have not been able to get together (decrypting commercial DVDs is tougher than I thought), and having these tracks will come in handy too...

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