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Post Posted: February 15th 2009 11:41 am
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Okay here's my complete remastered score for The Empire Strikes Back. Much like Star Wars, I used material from the Anthology set where ever I could and I remastered it making it sound clearer than before.

All files are in lossless (flac) format and some cues run into each other. So remember, select "gapless playback" in iTunes or for an iPod or "no gaps between tracks" when burning as an audio CD.

Disc One Part One

Disc One Part Two

Disc Two Part One

Disc Two Part Two

Track Listings


01. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (0:22)
02. Star Wars Main Title (1:32)
03. The Imperial Probe (6:39)*
04. Luke's Ecape (3:26)
05. Ben's Instructions (3:29)
06. Luke's Rescue (1:47)
07. The Probe Scanner (3:08)*
08. Drawing The Battle Lines (2:06)
09. Leia's Instructions (1:58)
10. Battle In The Snow (3:37)*
11. Luke's First Crash (4:00)
12. The Rebels Escape Again (3:03)
13. The Asteroid Field (4:14)
14. Crash Landing (3:33)
15. Yoda Appears (1:20)
16. Luke's Nocturnal Visitor (2:34)
17. Han Solo and The Princess (2:20)
18. Vader and The Emperor (1:06)
19. Jedi Master Revealed (2:28)*
20. This Is No Cave (3:14)
21. Training Of A Jedi Knight (1:42)*
22. The Magic Tree (3:33)

01. Attack Position (3:04)
02. Yoda and The Force (4:03)
03. Vader's Command (1:15)
04. City In The Clouds (4:46)*
05. Lando's Palace (3:53)
06. Luke To The Rescue (1:41)
07. Vader Shows Up (1:05)
08. Putting Threepio Together (1:02)
09. Trouble In Prison (2:36)
10. Carbon Freeze (2:40)*
11. Luke Pursues The Captives (5:33)*
12. Departure Of Boba Fett (3:38)*
13. The Duel (4:13)
14. Losing A Hand (5:07)
15. Hyperspace (4:03)
16. Finale (1:50)
17. End Credits (4:28)
18. Yoda's Theme (3:28)
19. The Imperial March (3:01)
20. The Imperial Probe (Alternate) (1:15)


Post Posted: February 17th 2009 9:55 am
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I'm confused- there are some very jarring cut-offs here that are seriously ugly and leave me wanting to hear the unmolested soundtrack. Was that your intent? I feel like I'm listening to a heavily 'edited for time' soundtrack or The Blender Strikes Back.

Post Posted: February 17th 2009 12:28 pm
Fat Bastard

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You need to be more specific what the fuck do you mean by "jarring cut offs"? If you mean there's a gap or whatever between some cues I told you in my original post that if you're going to burn them as audio CD's to be sure to have "no gaps between tracks" selected or if you use iTunes and an iPod that has gapless playback to select "gapless playback" when making apple lossless files as some cues run into each other. There are no "jarring cut offs" in my set.

Post Posted: February 17th 2009 2:21 pm
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Maybe I'm not technically savvy or something, but a lot of music abrutly ends or fades when it should conitnue? Maybe I'm wrong, entirely possible. At any rate, thanks for the ups.

Post Posted: February 18th 2009 5:21 am
Fat Bastard

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No music abruptly fades when it should continue. There are no jarring cut offs at all. As I said too you'll need iTunes or if you don't use iTunes, winamp will play the files with out the gaps. Just make a playlist for each score.

Post Posted: February 21st 2009 3:44 pm
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Disc I mp3 @ 320kbps:
Disc II mp3 @ 320kbp:

Post Posted: March 2nd 2009 4:22 pm
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Ok, so I downloaded DP's mp3 files above and I'm not experiencing any of the fucked cut-offs that I was experiencing with the FLAC's.

I can't explain it other than perhaps in the conversion process from FLAC to mp3 it was hacking the tracks for whatever reason.

Thank you, Raveers and DP! :bouncin:

Post Posted: March 2nd 2009 10:39 pm
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Many Thanks are in order from me as well! I know it's takes a patient and meticulous person to put this music's very hard work! But it pays off when one hears how great it sounds once it comes together. Excellent job, I'm enjoying it immensely.

Post Posted: July 30th 2009 11:36 am
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Ok so after listening to your version here I have to say it lacks.

I'm very familiar with this soundtrack and in a lot of cases flutes, choirs, synthesizers and such are burried and barely audible when they should be more distinct.

So as a result I don't feel like I'm getting the complete experience of this brilliant score, one that I rank as my favorite movie score of all time because certain elements that I mentioned above are subdued. I don't know if that's something you did, but my mind wants to hear things that barely register to my ear and that I know are there from having listened to this soundtrack since 1980.

So you get the heralded 'nigga please' at this attempt. :roll:

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