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February 15 2005

Unkindest Cut of All.

Part of REVENGE OF THE SITH's original final montage was that of Yoda arriving on Dagobah.

The Jedi Master was to have been seen going into exile after the fall of the Jedi, but Lucas has decided that the film with it's brief finales on Naboo, aboard a Star Destroyer, and on Tatooine, has too many endings.

Dagobah has now been cut.

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March 3 2005

A Helpful Han.

Han Solo was requested by George Lucas for shooting in REVENGE OF THE SITH. McCaig's costume design was approved by Lucas on the spot. Unlike the Han Solo we know in the Original Trilogy, the Episode III Solo was conceived as a 'slob' by McCaig.

So what was Han Solo's role?

In a conference room on Kashyyyk, Han Solo helped Yoda track down Grievous. We were told in the script that Han was being raised by Chewbacca.

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March 19 2005

Put Down Your Weapons, I Mean You No Harm.

At the entrance to the Jedi Temple, a hunchback brings forth a baby to the disguised Clone Troopers. In the hunchback's arms is a small baby. The hunchbank presents the baby to the Clone Trooper, claiming it is a Jedi.

"Anyone could grab some deformed kid and claim it's anything they want. How do you know it's a Jedi?" asks the Sergeant.

The baby replies: "My lightsaber, the first clue would be, hmm?"

Suddenly, a green saber ignites, slashing across the sergeant's face. The hunchback rights himself and a blue blade appears.

In a clipped Coruscant accent, Obi-Wan states: "Please don't try to resist. No one has to get hurt."

The men of Decoy Squad 5 attack. None of them survive.

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March 21 2005

My Home This Is.

In a scene designed for Kashyyyk, Yoda covers himself in mud and acts like a madman in an effort to throw off deadly Clone Troopers.

According to the book, the Kashyyyk scene was put in the movie to show us how serious and wise Master Yoda is capable of performing simple tricks, like he did later with Luke in Empire Strikes Back.

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March 22 2005

DEATHSTAR SHIPYARDS: A Deadly Construction.

Some concepts of how the Death Star appears in Episode III.

Imagine a skeletal body with the two poles complete. The main cannon-reactor shaft reaches to the core like the Death Star II main chamber Lando Calrissian destroys in Return of the Jedi.

The Death Star is surrounded by about fifteen craft that resemble Trade Federation CoreShips - small freighters that are barely visible and Star Destroyers.

The skeletal Death Star hovers above a cloudy planetscape.

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