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February 15 2005

Anakin has aligned himself to the Sith.

The Jedi, under the leadership of Mace Windu, have attacked the Chancellor.

Palpatine, surviving the attack, sends an order through his Clone Intelligence: ORDER 66.

As Obi-Wan tries to end the separatist occupation of Utapau, he comes under attack from his own Clone Commander.

In the fortified Command Centre on Mygeeto, Ki-Adi-Mundi comes under attack.

The order continues to spread across the galaxy - Kashyyyk and Felucia; rehabiliation centres and medical facilities, space cantinas and military installations.

On Coruscant, the order is already well underway. Darth Vader has lead an attack on the Temple - Senator Organa on his way to Senate, sees smoke above the Jedi Temple and decides to take a closer look at the damage inflicted by the Sith Lord.

After the attack on the Temple, Vader makes his way to Senator Amidala's apartment to end a Rebellion in the Senate...


February 16 2005

"Fool! Do you think the fear you feel is mine?" Darth Sidious, Revenge of the Sith.

After Vader (formerly Anakin Skywalker) destroys the Jedi Temple, he heads to the apartment of his wife, Padme.

Vader clearly states that he has put down a Jedi Rebellion and that Mace Windu and other Masters tried to assassinate Palpatine. He admits that he considers Obi-Wan dead.

He tries to convince Padme that the Jedi are traitors and have to be "dealt with." However, Vader tells Padme that she is safe as long as she keeps away from the rebellious Senators.

Padme asks how she is safe.

Vader reveals that she is safe because she is with him. He discussed it with Palpatine who has granted her protection as long as she stays out of the Delegation of Two Thousand.

Padme is surprised that Palpatine knows of the marriage.

Vader reveals that Palpatine has always known. He was able to find out through friends in Theed's clergy.

Vader states "I need to go to Mustafar to finally end this war."

His last goodbye is "I love you, wait for me..."

It's all overwhelming for Padme but her love for him blinds her judgement...


February 26 2005

On the mythic lava planet a separtist stronghold is located. There is also an automated lava mine built by the Techno Union to draw precious metals from liquid stone.

From it's command center, all battledroids in the galaxy can be deactivated, which they summarily are as a matter of fact, exactly one hour before Vader's arrival. Which means The Clone Wars are over.

When Vader arrives on Mustafar, San Hill is the first to be killed, followed by Shu Mai, then Rune Haako, Wat Tambor, and finally Nute Gunray.


February 28 2005

• Utapau cities are powered by windmills.

• The Utapau people are held hostage by Grievous and the Confederacy.

• Grievous is on the sinkhole's tenth level, as told by Tion Medon.

• The home planet of Grievous is Kalee. Grievous was injured in a shuttle crash and The Sith had Geonosians create an exo-shell for him. Count Dooku himself trained Grievous in lightsabre combat.

• R4-G9 flies Obi-Wan Kenobi's starfighter off planet, so that no one knows Kenobi is still on Utapau.

• Kenobi uses The Force to get a wrangler to use Boga.

• Boga dies heroically: she takes all the shots from clones upon herself, protecting Obi-Wan. Together they fall down into the ocean at the bottom of the sinkhole.

• Kenobi is surrounded by Grievous, MagnaDroids, and 100 BattleDroids on Level 10. Kenobi strikes and takes out one of the four MagnaDroids, slicing it in half, then duels the other three.

• Kenobi uses an electrostaff against Grievous at one point.


March 2 2005

On the bridge of The Invisible Hand, the situation is getting rough. Anakin and Obi-Wan have just chopped some MagnaDroids, SuperBattleDroids, and DestroyerDroids when Grievous decides it's time to say goodbye.

"I am sorry I don't have time to fight you." says Grievous. "It would have been an interesting match but I have an appointment with an escape pod and you... YOU have an appointment with death."

Grievous shoots a hook into a panel support, ignites the electrostaff, and throws it at the viewport. The transparisteel window is broken and a huge gust of wind blows Grievous out to space. Emergency shutters seal the bridge tight.

Using a grappling hook and his magnetized feet claws on the outer hull, Grievous crawls to the external hatch of the only bridge escape pod.

Unfortunately, Grievous ejected the rest of the escape pods before leaving - which is why Anakin has to land the crumbling cruiser on Coruscant; there is no other option.

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