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February 1 2005

"...Only now at the end, do you understand." Emperor Palpatine, Return of the Jedi

When Anakin arrives at the window of the private office, he can see only bodies and Kit Fisto's head. He cuts through the glass and steps inside. Passing through the short corridor, he enters the Chancellor's public office, where Palpatine duels with Master Windu.

Anakin stands by and watches the duel in the shadows.

The battling Mace Windu cuts a hole in the window of the office, planning to push Sidious out, but that does not work initially. They fight again, slowly moving towards the window. They eventually end up outside the office, on the narrow ledge of the Republic Executive Office. The rain continues to fall.

After intense fighting, Mace Windu cuts Palpatine's saber in half. The Sith suddenly turns and addresses Anakin who can now be seen in the office.

"You see? Didn't I warn you of The Jedi and their treason?" he says. Mace continues his stare at the Chancellor.

Suddenly, just when Mace is about to strike down and destroy the Sith, Palpatine unleashes his power and lightning strikes from his hand. His face deforms dramaticially into the hidious Sidious before the Jedi's eyes.

"FOOL!" he exclaims.

Mace blocks the lightning with his blade but this is a hard moment for both combatants as they both begin to call to Anakin. Anakin now stands at Mace's shoulder, unsure what to do: Sidious wants him to kill the traitor but the Jedi Master orders him to kill The Sith and fulfill his destiny as The Chosen One.

At last, Palpatine collapses and begs for mercy from Mace. Mace however, does not accept it. He moves for a final blow and then...

"Wait!..." cries Anakin.

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