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The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary (A few page leaks)

A few pages have gotten out.

Some guy claimed on Reddit (/r/StarWarsLeaks) that he had a copy and clearly he is telling the truth.

He said there was no Luke or Snoke in the book. The Table of Contents confirms it.

UPDATE: Kylo Ren Added

Table of Contents

Han Solo

Maz Kanata

Lor San Tekka

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren Lightsaber

General Hux

Starkiller Base

Some pertinent information from the pages:

Han became the husband to a influential New Republic politician.
Han is a family man.
There was a "profound tragedy" of some kind.
Han returned to his old life.
Han still uses his old DL-44 blaster although newer models have come and gone.

Maz is a smuggler.
Maz has survived and thrived in her long life.
She has an affinity for The Force, knew Jedi, but never walked that path herself.
Used her knowledge of The Force to keep herself out of danger.
In her centuries of travel, Maz has collected countless trinkets and treasures, not to sell but to protect.
Maz believes a relic from the past may someday make a difference in the future.

Lor was an explorer for decades.
Lor retired to live on Jakku.
Lor gives some information to Poe Dameron, but it is clearly not the lightsaber.
Lor is not Force-sensitive.
Lor was a follower of the Church of the Force. :what:
It was a group of loosely affiliated worshippers of Jedi ideals. (Are the Knights of Ren the opposite of this?)

Hux's father was a high placed official in the Imperial Academy back in the day.
Hux's father fled into the Unknown Regions after the Empire signed the Galactic Concordance. (The Galactic Empire surrendered to the New Republic)
Hux believes it is his destiny to be given a chance to sit on the throne that is the galaxy.
Hux's experience in warfare is entirely theoretical.
Kylo has little respect for Hux as a warrior.
Hux and Kylo engage in a tense competitiveness for the attention and approval of Supreme Leader Snoke.
Hux has little understanding of or patience for the mystical side of The First Order which Kylo Ren represents.
Hux is the commander of the Starkiller operation, able to order its use - pending Snoke's approval.

Starkiller base is located in the Unknown Regions.
The First Order has been amassing a power that violates the treaty restrictions of the armistice.
It is the sun-targeting Starkiller weapons platform.
The device has the unique characteristic of being both a planet based and interstellar weapon. (So it is as rumored. The laser fires and can travel through space like a starship right to its target.)
Starkiller base is the largest known deployment of First Order military forces.
However, it is not considered the headquarters as Supreme Leader Snoke keeps his command center mobile.

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Of course there's no Luke or Snoke. How else would they be able to repackage this book with the respective books from Episodes 8 and 9 for us to buy again in 3 years?

But seriously, holding back on Luke and Snoke at this point is just silly.

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It's probably just that they're not in the movie long enough to justify inclusion in the book.

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"Church of the Force" is interesting. That might sort of explain why some members of the Rebellion said "May the Force be with You."

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Anything on The Staff of Rey?

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No Rey pictures from the book seen yet.

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Happy to post any pages though if anyone wants to have a look - I assume that is acceptable?

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Yeah, those two images are from a children's book. I had them in a different thread, but they were moved.

I'd love to see Captain Phamsa, BB-8 and Poe Dameron's pages.

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Here are the three images you wanted:

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Are there any images or descriptions of the Skywalker lightsaber?

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There's a small bit about it included on Rey's page:


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Thanks, Ajf.

It's interesting that they mention the paint on Dameron's black X-Wing. There were those early rumors that the black X-Wing may cloak in the movie. The same for Phasma's armor. Wishful thinking on that one, but some substance to the X-Wing.

"Sensor-scattering ferrosphere paint."

Maybe they figured they'd be accused of copying Star Trek and Predator.

Still, I think it would have been a cool idea for Phasma's chrome armor to cloak. She should've fought Finn on Takodana. Have her put Finn down. Goes for the kill. Have Solo shoot her in the leg or something. She gets up, stares down Finn, cloaks... and takes off.

I'd have milked that rivalry until Episode IX and finally have Finn take her out.

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